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"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."

B.K.S. Lyengar

"Pilates has helped to keep me moving and lessen my back and hip problems. Thank you."

Greta Rhodes

"I knew that my posture was poor and that my balance was not brilliant so I thought I'd give Pilates a try. My classes with Jill have helped me improve both. As a result the back pain I suffered has gone and I now walk with more confidence."


"Jill is a great teacher being extremely attentive, constantly correcting and encouraging every person throughout the workout, mindful of their limitations and strengths.   I’ve found it a very effective form of exercise at the age of 62, maintaining a good level of fitness.  Emphasis on posture has made a huge difference to how I stand, site and move.  Most definitely feel stronger and more toned."

Ann Davis

"We do Pilates because we feel so refreshed after having completed a class. It is great way of using various muscle groups you wouldn't normally use and unwinding the muscles you have tightened up during the week. It also shuts your mind off to your every day routines. Additionally Jill practices strict supervision, limiting numbers of attendees to ensure close attention to detail when exercises are ongoing. A class we really look forward to."

Chris and Alec Thompson

"I started doing Pilates some 6 years ago on the recommendation of the physiotherapist I was seeing for a significant back injury. It was with some scepticism that I began to regularly attend classes. The difference it has made to my life through improved posture, body awareness and strengthened core muscles has meant that I am more active and rarely experience back symptoms. I couldn't imagine my life now without regular classes."


"Pilates keeps me away from the osteopath. Before I started doing Pilates, I was at the ostepath about every three months for four or five weeks at a time, to have my neck and back manipulated to releive the pain. I have not been at all since I started Pilates.  The other benefits I have found are the improvement in my muscle tone, my posture has improved without me thinking about it and I have made some really good friends.I really look forward to going."


"It only takes a few weeks to notice a difference..an inner strength, better posture awareness and my whiplash no longer flares up. Recommended by a Physio and I can understand why now-it is a bit like magic!  Jill is incredibly knowledgeable, and genuinely personable....would recommend time and again."


"The concentration needed for pilates has surprised me; but as a consequence I leave the class feeling mentally refreshed, relaxed & physically revitalised. Jill's classes are great fun - I'd thoroughly recommend them!"


"After several years of suffering from whiplash after a car shunt and a great deal of money in physios I tried Pilates and have not looked back since. Much less pain and feel physically much better."


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