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Harmony Pilates

"You move to the music of your own body and to the rhythm of
your own breathing”

Joseph Pilates

Harmony Pilates is based on the original works of German-born Joseph Pilates. His methods were used primarily by dancers, however,  recently these methods have been introduced into the health and fitness industry. Whilst Harmony Pilates looks at the original works of Joseph Pilates, it takes Pilates into the 21st Century. and takes the best of Joseph Pilate’s techniques and combines them with recent research and knowledge.

Harmony Pilates uses Modern Pilates whose ‘unique’ Clinical Approach to Pilates Exercise has been developed by working extensively with physiotherapists, physiologists and qualified Pilates educationalists. Modern Pilates are accredited by Central YMCA Qualifications, the Register of Exercise Professionals and Skills Active.

Harmony Pilates is Leeds based and is suitable for all - men, women, young and old alike, It trains the whole body and mind, improving posture and body awareness.  Thoracic (lateral) breathing is encouraged, which in itself is effective in oxygenating the blood, relaxing muscles and focussing the mind. Muscle imbalances are addressed, lengthening dominant muscle groups whilst strengthening weaker ones, giving overall a more toned and balanced appearance. Muscle strength, flexibility and co-ordination are just some of the benefits you will experience.

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